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Syringe Pump TJP-3A Running Parameters Setting

Release Time:2017-09-08

Different work mode is corresponding to different running parameters. Now
divide five kinds of work modes into two categories: common mode and
program mode. Common mode includes withdraw, infusion,
infusion/withdraw, withdraw/infusion. Common Mode
Infusion/Withdraw Mode
In work interface and stop state, set pump in infusion/withdraw mode,
turn RCS to enter menu setting interface, turn RCS to highlight
“parameter”, press RCS to enter parameters setting menu. In this
interface, only “Vol” and “flow” are optional; “direction” is decided by
work mode; “time” is the ratio of volume and flow. The time displays in
hour, minutes and seconds. Volume Parameters include the numerical
part of the fluid volume and unit part.
Turn RCS to select “Vol”, press RCS to highlight unit. Turn RCS
clockwise, unit changes from ml to l to ml; turn RCS to change unit
from ml to l to nl. After setting unit, press RCS to highlight numerical
part. Turn RCS clockwise to increase numerical part until this numerical
part reach to maximum value. Turn RCS counter clockwise to decrease

the numerical part until to minimum value of “0”

 Turn RCS to highlight “Flow”, press RCS to highlight unit part. Turn RCS
clockwise to change unit from nlc to Lc or from nl/min to L/hour; turn
RCS counter clockwise to increase the digit from one to three after decimal
point, in the meantime, the unit change from nl/min to L/min or from
l/min to ml/min. After setting unit, press RCS to highlight numerical part, turn
RCS clockwise to increase value until to maximum value; turn RCS counter
clockwise to decrease value until to minimum value.
Setting example is shown below: 

Infusion/Withdraw & Withdraw/Infusion mode
In work interface and stop state, set pump in Infusion/Withdraw or
Withdraw/Infusion mode, press RCS to enter menu setting interface,
turn RCS to highlight “parameter”, press “RCS” to enter menu setting
interface. In this interface, “Vol”(volume), “Flow”, “Vol2” (volume2),
“Flow” and “Pause” are optional; “DIR” (direction) and “DIR2 (direction
2) are set by mode; “Time” is the ratio of volume and flow, “Time2” is the
ratio of volume 2 and flow 2. The time displays in hours, minutes and
seconds. Volume and flow setting includes the setting of volume/flow
values and the setting of volume/flow unit. The pause time range is from
00:00:00 second to 10:00:00.
The setting of volume and flow is same as infusion/withdraw mode.
Setting example is shown as below:

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