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Peristaltic Pump

Operating Video

L100 1S 2 Peristaltic pump Basic Operation

L100 1S 2 Peristaltic pump Basic Operation

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Note: When the tubing is very hard, it is recommended to load the tubing with loading key.


1. Open the pump head housing. Fit one end of the tubing into the tubing slot of pump head housing.

2. Hold the tubing with your finger, turn the rotor carefully until the roller pick up the tubing. Continue to turn the rotor, and feed the tubing into the working position. Then fit the other end of the tubing into the other slot of housing. Do not twist the tubing.

3. Put the housing back, tighten the tubing properly by hand, then turn the rotor by hand or screwdriver to move the tubing to the center position of the roller.

4. Turn the tang of pump head shaft to the right position for mounting on the pump drive.

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