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NEMA/IEC Enclosure Ratings

Release Time:2015-12-19

According to IEC 60529, the degree of protection provided by an enclosure is indicated by the IP Code. The code consists of the letters IP (ingress protection) followed by twocharacteristic numerals indicating conformity with the degree of protection desired. The first numeral indicates the degree of protection against the following: human contact with or approach to live parts; human contact with moving parts inside the enclosure; and ingress of solid foreign objects. The second numeral indicates the degree of protection provided by the enclosure against the ingress of water. The characteristic numerals are defined in the following table:

Note: All Aceeca devices (except PDA32) are manufactured and tested to IP67 standards.

First Numeral Protection against solid bodies.

Second Numeral Protection against liquid

Conversion of NEMA Types to IEC IP Codes

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