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How to use External Control Function for WT3000-1JA

Release Time:2017-01-20

Communication Control Mode
The Pump can to connect to control computer (computer, PLC, SCM) through RS485 serial communication module (see figure 1). 

Analog signal control mode
Please see figure 2 for external control module.

Terminals Definition of External Control Module
1#: Analog speed control input, for external speed control in external control modules of 4-20mA, 0.5-5V and 1-10V.
2#: External start/stop control input. When connected to COM,the pump runs,when connected to high level,the pump stops
3#: Open
4#: Reference potential for 4-20mA, 0.5-5V and 1-10V speed control input.Pulse speed control input,for external speed control in external control module of 0-10KHz. 
5#: Reference potential for external start/stop and pulse speed control input.
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