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Facile and Efficient Preparation of polymers via Longer dLSP 500 Lab Syringe Pump09-28-2022

Advances in polymer synthesis and characterization have laid the foundation for expanding the scope of synthetic polymer applications.


In the process of polymerization, when multiple monomers are used to prepare multiple copolymers, due to the difference in polymerization ability between different monomers, the differences in the reactivity of each monomer will lead to uneven distribution of monomers in the polymer.


While precisely controlled polymer synthesis could enable a generation of polymers with unique and predictable properties.


In order to produce control uniform monomer distribution in polymersby tuning the feeding rate of monomers, the crystallization process can be readily governed in a controlled manner in an open system.


Case study


A Longer dLSP 500 syringe pump is being used to transfer chemicals in organic synthesis, benefiting from dosing accuracy and consistency.


In the experiment process, with the dedicated PC software, the custom programs can be configured quickly that are ideal to realize nonlinear gradient feeding without programming experience. More than 50 control points can be set.


"It is observed that with the extremely accurate flow control, Longer dLSP 510 laboratory Syringe can realize complex Non-linear gradient feeding and meet the requirements of experiment," customer said.


A precise, stable and efficiency pump


The models pack in advanced features designed to deliver fluids accurately, dLSP 500 syringe pumps can provide steady micro flow delivery with small pulsation and good stability.


In addition, with the dedicated PC software, the custom programs can be configured quickly that are ideal for more complex multi-step operations and one computer can control up to 99 pumps.


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