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NEW dPOFLEX® Explosion Proof Motor Pump Makes Material Safer and Easier to Transfer in hazardous areas10-27-2023

The safe and efficient handling of explosive media is crucial to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Explosion proof equipment and devices are designed and manufactured to prevent the introduction of an ignition source within an enclosed environment.


NEW Longer Pump dPOFLEX ® Explosion Proof Motor Pump feature an Explosion proof AC motor, Ex d IIB T4 Gb, IP55. This makes it could use in hazardous areas. This includes to handle volatile, flammable, and explosive fluids, such as methanol, ethanol, acetone, etc.


We can also offer a wide range of several different pump heads, single pump head or stacked pump heads, enabling it to transfer multiple fluids simultaneously and for a wider overall flow range between 4mL/min-12,000mL/min.




Design features



*Explosion proof AC motor: Ex d IIB T4 Gb

*Motor with IP55 protection

*Could be mounted with several different pump heads, single pump head or stacked pump heads

*A wide range of flow rate: 4mL/min-12,000mL/min



Technical characteristics







*Printing machinery
*Paint spray equipments
*Chemical, petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries




Preventive safety requires careful selection of equipment in dangerous oil and gas recovery, chemical and petroleum refinery, and mining environments. Learn more about how to select suitable pump within hazardous environments from us.




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