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Industrial Peristaltic Pump G300-3F

Industrial Peristaltic Pump G300-3F

Industries have a very wide demand for peristaltic pumps. But industry applications have more restrict requirements, such as higher IP rating, better chemical resistance, better reliability, and good electromagnetic compatibility. Longer Pump provides professional peristaltic pump solutions for industry applications, to meet the industrial fluid transfering and handling requirements.

Flow rates:0ml/min-5500ml/min

Max. Number of Channels:1


Suitable for laboratorial and industrial application

Product Instruction:

- Using aluminium alloy housing with anti-corrosion paint treatment, the pump has good corrosive resistance and longer life time in corrosive environment.
- With good electromagnetic compatibility, the pump will not behave unacceptably in the EMI environment and will not interfere with other electronic equipment.
- With high IP rating, the pump could be used in wet and dusty environment.
- Using high quality electronic components, optimizing software design and circuit design, the pump provides long-term reliable and stable operation.
- With precise speed control in 0.1rpm resolution (3000:1 speed control range), and flow rate calibration function, the pump has more accurate flow rate.

Main Functions and Features

Speed: 0rpm-300rpm, CW/CCW
Speed Resolution: "0.1rpm resolution within the speed of 0-100rpm
1rpm resolution within the speed of 100rpm-300rpm"
Display: LCD
Control Mode: Keypad control, external signal control and communication control
Work Mode: Flow rate mode or dispensing mode
Flow rate mode: Flow rate is displayed and the pump runs continuously at the set flow rate
Flow rate calibration: Improve the flow rate accuracy
Flow rate setting range: 1.000mL/min-9999mL/min
Dispensing mode: The pump dispenses continuously according to the parameters: dispensing volume, cycles, interval, back suction.
Dispensing calibration: Improve the dispensing volume accuracy.
Dispensing Volume: 0.1mL-9999L
Dispensing cycle: 0-9999
Interval time: 1sec-99.9min
Back Suction: 0-9.9 revolution,resolution is 0.1 revolution
External control: "Start/stop control, direction control:voltage level signal, 5V or 12v
Speed control:0-5V、0-10V、0-10kHz are optional with uniform interface"
Pump status output: "1 OC gate signal for start/stop, 1 OC gate signal for direction.
125Hz-7500Hz pulse signal for pump speed 0.1rpm-300rpm (linear function)"
Communication interface: RS485
Power-off memory: Return to previous status when power on
Footswitch control: The pump could be start/stop controlled by footswitch accessory.
Dimension(LxWxH): 360mm×215mm×243mm
Power Supply: AC220V±10%/120W,50~60Hz
Operating Temperature: 0℃—40℃
Relative humidity: <100%
IP rating: IP65
Weight: 12kg

Technical Specifications

Other parameters

Customized Industrial Peristaltic Pump:

Longer Pump provides customized industrial peristaltic pump based on customer's special reuqirements. G300-3F-1 and G300-3F-2 are both customized products based on G300-3F, which could drive the most common industrial pump heads in the market, could have special work mode, external control function, tubing leak detection, etc.

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