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The Application of Longer Product in In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD)

Application Introduction:

In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) is the analysis of medical samples, such as blood, tissue, or urine, which are taken from patients or healthy individuals. The IVD tests are always performed in a laboratory so as to make a correct diagnosis of a disease or other conditions, including a determination of the state of health. These diagnoses are needed in order to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease or its sequelae. One estimate found that the results of clinical laboratory tests could influence approximately 70% of health care decisions. IVD devices are those reagents, instruments and systems intended for use in the collection, preparation, and examination of specimens taken from the human body.

The Customer Requirements:

 IVD devices differ from other medical devices in that they do not act directly on a patient to produce results. Instead, the potential risk to a patient would be from the generation of inaccurate test results that could lead to mismanagement of a patient’s disease or condition, or the treatment of a disease or condition that is not there. 

For the accuracy, reliability and effectiveness, the IVD device, such as automated analyzer, requires a sampling system which is highly accurate, with an extended life, free from contamination, and highly reliable in order to complete the precise sample/reagents loading and diluting, and requires a highly reliable washing system to prevent cross-contamination. 

Longer Pump Solution:

1. Longer's High Precision Micro Piston Pump has excellent precision and an extended life (10 million cycles), which makes it ideal for the loading and diluting of small volume samples/reagents, ensuring accurate and reliable sampling. When pumping the samples and reagents, samples and reagents only come into contact with the bore of the tubing and the pump chamber. Longer’s Micro Piston Pump provides various materials that meet with the requirements of chemical resistance. When pumping fluids that crystalize, Longer‘s micro piston pump extends the pump life time with an excellent sealing structure or with the seal wash option. 

2. Longer's Peristaltic Pump is an ideal and an economical choice for the removal of waste liquids. When pumping, the waste liquid only comes into contact with the bore of the tubing. Over a long period of time and with suitable tubing materials, the pump can be used to remove corrosive and abrasive fluids. The only consumable material is the tubing, which can be easily changed to reduce downtime costs.

Customer Value:

1.Ensure the IVD test result.

With excellent dispensing CV, Longer high precision micro piston pump ensures the accurate sampling, the basic of the accurate test result. 

2.Minimize the sample/reagent consumption
Wide range of Longer micro piston pump volume: 25ul, 50ul, 100ul, 250ul, 500ul, 1000ul, 2500ul, 5000ul
Wide range of Longer micro piston pump dispensing volume: 2ul-5ml

High precision of Longer micro piston pump: CV of 100% dispensing volume<0.1%

3.Extend the life time of the IVD device
Longer micro piston pump long life: 10 million cycles with distilled water and 5 million cycles with NaOH or other easily crystallized solution.
Longer micro piston pump provides various materials to meet chemical resistance requirement.
Longer micro piston pump has excellent sealing structure, based on the advanced lubricating sealing technology and friction and wearing technology, to extend pump life when pumping fluids that crystalize.

Longer micro piston pump also provides the seal wash option to extend pump life when pumping fluids that crystalize.

4.Remove the waste fluid in a timely fashion.
When pumping the waste fluid by Longer peristaltic pump, the liquid only contacts the bore of the tubing. By using the tubing with good abrasive resistance, the pump can be used to remove the abrasive waste liquid for a long time. By using the tubing with good chemical resistance, the pump can be used to remove the corrosive waste liquid for a long time.
Soft particle size<25%*ID (tubing inside diameter)

Hard particle size<5%*ID (tubing inside diameter)

5.Reduce the maintenance cost of IVD device
The only consumable material of Longer peristaltic pump is tubing. And the tubing can be changed easily, which reduces the maintenance cost.
Longer micro piston pump has no consumable parts during the millions of life time.

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