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Peristaltic pump selection guides

Release Time:2015-12-19

A.Tubing selection
Flow rate- Refer to flow rates curve
Chemical compatibility-The tubing material must be compatible with the fluid. 
Fluid Temperature-Tubing applications are often restricted due to the pronounced temperature sensitivity.
Suction Lift option- Shore hardness, wall thickness IDof tubing and will affect suction lift.
Tubing life-A pump tubing with a long life reduces the total cost of pump ownership. 
B.Pump head selection
Flow rate- Refer to flow rates curve
Tubing changing frequency- The tubing could be changed easily except BZ series pump head
Channel- Longer provides multi-channel pump head or stackable pump head for multi-channel application. 
Chemical compatibility-Overflowed fluid will restrict the material of pump head.
C.Drive selection

Flow rate- The flow rate of the pump with water is directly proportional to the motor speed of the drive. Refer to the flowrates curve.
Function- Basic speed control, flow rate display and calibration, dispensing function and calibration, maximum torque capability of the drive for the multi-channel application, external control mode, etc. needs to be considered when select the pump drive.
IP rating- select the drive with correct IP rating based on the environment and application.
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