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Longer’s Peristaltic Pump Selection Table

Release Time:2015-12-19

1.Rated Flow Rate: _____________ ml/min.

Minimum flow rate: __________ml/min, Max. flow rate: __________ml/min. (you can refer to the flow rates range of peristaltic pumps in the catalog when you choose peristaltic pumps for customer, according to the requirement)

2.Liquid Type: ________ (this is very important to ensure the selected tubing has suitable chemical resistance against customers’ liquid.)

3.Viscosity: __________Mpa.s/Cps (When highly viscous liquids are to be pumped, a tubing product with high working pressure or vacuum rating should be selected. These ratings are obtained by use of a heavy wall thickness or a material with a higher durometer hardness value. viscous liquid, the better way is to choose big bore tubing or big shore hardness tubing. )

4.Particle size in liquid: ___________(keep soft particle size <25% of tubing ID; keep hard particle sizes <5% of tubing ID; keep motor speed <300rpm; )  

5.Liquid temperature: __________ (less than 80℃)

6.Suction lift: __________(less than 8.8 meters, the suction lift will greatly reduce the flow rate, which must be considered when select pump for customers)

7.Back pressure: _________ (less than 2 bars)

8.Ingress Protection: ___________ (Depend on the requirement)

9.Functions: ____________ (Basic functions, flow calibration function, dispensing function, etc.)


Peristaltic Pump Drive:  _________________

Peristaltic Pump Head:  _________________

Peristaltic Pump Accessories: ______________

Peristaltic Pump Tubing Material & Size:  ________________

Power Cord:  ____________________   For same size tubing,  PharMed tubing is much more expensive than silicone tubing. Most customers who need peristaltic pumps will frequently ask the reason. The reasons to choose PharMed tubing are as following:
1.Outlasts silicone tubing in peristaltic pumps by up to 30 times.
2.Low particulate spallation.
3.Can be autoclaved reeatedly.
4.Temperature resistant from -60℉ to 275 ℉
5. Fully tested to ISO10993 standards to facilitate validation process.
6.Meet USP class VI, FDA and NSF criteria.
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