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How to calculate the flow rate according to Flow Chart?

Release Time:2015-12-19

Volume Unit System

1 gallon=3.78 liters (America gallon)
1 cubic meter=1000 liters
1 liter=1000 milliliters
1 milliliter=1000 microliters

Time Unit System
1 hour= 60 minutes
1 minute=60 seconds

Flow chart instruction:
X axis represent Speed
Y axis represent flow rate (ml/min)
Colorful lines represent different tubing which means tubing flow will be increased following speeding up.
1.Select suitable peristaltic pump head:
As per the flow rates to choose pump head: For example, 1200ml/min is needed, user can check all the flow chart to know any pump heads can provide a max. flowrate bigger than 1200ml/min by 20% will be suitable. For this case, YZ1515X will be suitable.
2.Select suitable peristaltic pump tubing:
For example: After confirm to choose YZ1515X pump head, 17# tubing can provide max. 1600 ml/min, so 17# tubing will be suitable tubing.
3.How to calculate speed of pump:
Customer flow rate÷(Max.flowrate÷Max. Speed)= Pump speed (rpm)
For example: Customer need a flow rate of 1200ml/min, so we can use the above formulation to calculate as following (Choosing pump head, choosing tubing and them calculate speed):
1200(ml/min)÷(1600ml/min÷600rpm)=450 rpm
Please note: All of Longer Flow Charts adopt water as medium in indoor environment, so back pressure, viscosity, etc. will affect the flow rate. 
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