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How to use Footswitch for WT600-1F

Release Time:2016-12-23

1. Footswitch has two kinds of working modes.
Trigger: Press footswitch, the pump starts running; Press footswitch again, the pump stops.
Gated: The pump runs as long as the footswitch is pressed.

2. Set footswitch
Press and turn Knob to highlight the footswitch line. Press Knob to enter next interface, turn Knob to select Trigger or Gated, press Knob for confirmation. Press Exit Key to return to previous menu.
The pump identifies the Longer Footswitch automatically. When the pump connects the footswitch, the Start/Stop Key on operating panel is invalid no matter the external control setting is on or off.

Connect footswitch to remote control input Port to control Start/Stop of pump. It can be set according to actual application. 
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