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New Intelligent Peristaltic Pumps L100-1FS/ L300-1FS/ L600-1FS Provide Automatic Identification of Pump Head and Tubing03-05-2020

Versatility and easy-to-use is what the New Intelligent Peristaltic Pump brings to users who need to operate complicated process.

L100-1FS/ L300-1FS/ L600-1FS

The new pump features the latest Automatic Identification of Pump Head and Tubing, via RFID technology, the pump could automatically read the pump head model and tubing sizes, and set the corresponding parameters in the operation scheme. The pump provides fast and reliable results, and the ease of use operators are looking for, is ideal for a variety of applications in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and food and beverage. 

-Place the identification tag of pump head or tubing near the identification area on the handle of the pump drive, the system will automatically identify the model of the pump head or tubing.

-Prevent manual input errors

Automatic Identification of Pump Head and Tubing

In addition to the above mentioned point, the new series pump still retains the same great features as the previous series.


-Automatic identification of pump head and tubing, simplify the operation process and provide reliable guarantee for high-precision fluid transferring;

-7 inch color display, full touch screen and intuitive graphic interface, provide easy-to-use operations;

-Customize parameters by programming, and the parameter programs can be stored and easily recalled;

-Multiple function modules and intelligent algorithms are designed for a wide variety of applications, including routine and multi-step complex applications;

-Pump can be controlled through touch screen, foot switch, analog signal and communication commands, combined with a variety of interfaces (USB, RJ11, DB9 etc.) for easy system connection;

-RoHS and CE compliant;


Specifications of the new pump

The L100-1FS/ L300-1FS/ L600-1FS Series joins the existing Intelligent Peristaltic Pump family, as a superior series in terms of versatility and easy-to-use. When operating a complex process, users can accurately and quickly confirm the tube size with the function of Automatic Identification of Pump Head and Tubing, the new Intelligent Peristaltic Pump gives users an easier way to experience process.


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