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Regional retail manager

  • Sector:Sales Department
  • Address: Baoding
  • Hiring:1
  • Education:College degree or above
  • Job Category: Telemarketing
  • issuing time:2015-09-01

Job Function / Responsibilities:

1. In charge of regional retail sales that include answering the incoming calls, grasping customer needs, selecting products type, following up with clients, and achieving sales target.

2. Responsible for providing solutions for clients and offering knowledge training for key customer.

3. Handling market intelligence in assigned territory, especially following up customers' and competitors' activity and providing periodic market analysis report to the whole sale team.

4. Completing the internal order operation.

Job Requirements:

1.       Between the ages of 20 and 40.
2.       College degree or above, major in Mechatronic.
3.       Be proficient in application of OFFICE software.
4.       Have a strong ability to learn, master product knowledge, includes product application in a short time.
5.       Excellent communication, expression and interpersonal skills.
6.       Drive for results. Good at setting goals and achieving them.
7.       Strong customer service orientation.

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