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Longer organizes Annual Outings for all staffs

  • In 2011 Longer organized travel to Henan Province for all staffs

In order to provide more wonderful cultural experiences to our staffs, as well as strengthen communication and exchanges between them, Longer organized a 2-day trip to Chongdugou in Henan Province for all staff. We all enjoyed the trip and surrounding scenery,  which helped to reduce pressures at work, whilst develop working relationships between colleagues. 

Chongdugou is located in Luanchuan Lake Town, 10 kilometers southwest from Xionger Mountain, Henan Province.  The area is densely populated with bamboo, a sea of bamboo covering an area of 800 acres.  Chongdugou is known by Mr Wei Xiaoan –an industry authority- as “China’s First Farm Hotel”.

  • Longer organized an outing in Nandaihe for all staffs

During the Dragon Boat Festival, in order to relieve staff of work pressure, enrich their free time and positively enhance their vacation, Longer arranged for their staff to travel to Nandaihe  resort, located in Qinhuangdao, this is one of China’s famous scenic spots.

We enjoyed ourselves at the beach, Grass Skiing, Bird Shows as well as riding the Forest Train, which are all unique to the Nandaihe area. We also visited the largest lotus research base in northern China. We stood on the large viewing platform of a luxury cruise ship to view the sea, which refreshed and relaxed us all.


  • 2014 Longer’s annual tour to "the first Waterfall" in Beijing Miyun County, Jingdong 

  • 2015 Longer's annual  tour to Wuling Mountain 

June 27th, Longer ushered in the Annual Themed Tour, the destination for this year’s tour is - The Wuling mountains resort in Beijing Miyun. And this summer we had a great time, unwound and revitalized  together at  the foot of the mountains.

Longer’s cultivated a work and cultural atmosphere which united the staff and kept them moving forward, so that business will run smoothly and profitably.

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