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Diversity and inclusion at work

Halma Diversity and Inclusion Policy

At Halma we recognise that the diversity of the people in our business and the inclusion of all enriches our products, performance and the lives of our employees. We believe that the diversity of our workforce contributes significantly to our aim to protect and improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

We are building a culture that encourages talented people of all backgrounds, beliefs or any form of personal identity to be involved, respected and inspired to develop to their full potential.

Our intention is to create effective team environments that enhance decision-making processes. We achieve this by encouraging the contribution of unique perspectives and capabilities to achieve superior business results through trust, collaboration and innovation of new ideas.

By ensuring fairness and equality of opportunity in recruitment, training, development, career progression and reward, Halma is committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion in the workplace and all areas of our business.

Each year our board of directors reviews these policies and our implementation to ensure that they create and maintain a diverse and inclusive organisation.

Specific Goals

We have identified two specific areas for improvement in diversity in Halma’s organisation, particularly at managerial levels.

Geographical diversity of executives:

We aim to have at least 20% of our executives geographically based outside Europe and the USA to better reflect the proportion of our revenue generated within those markets.

• We need to increase the number of executives based in our high growth markets, especially in Asia, both at group and operating company levels. Our business benefits from a devolved structure allowing quick decisions based on being close to customers. Increasing geographical diversity of our executives is important to maintain that competitive advantage.

• Although this target concerns the location of our executives rather than ethnicity, an important benefit will be to increase ethnic diversity within our executive levels. Halma Diversity Policy – March 2015!


We aim to increase the overall proportion of female executives on operating company boards in each of the next 5 years.

• The current low representation of female executives in our leadership teams acts as a disincentive for talented female staff to join Halma or progress within Halma to their full potential.

• Progress will involve a long-term approach in improving our ‘talent pipeline’ of female staff at all levels in the Group. Given that our strong preference is for appointments to the Halma Executive Board to be internal, we need progress at operating company Board level first, to create future opportunities for female representation on the Halma Executive Board. However, all appointments and promotion decisions will be based on merit.

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