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    Peristaltic Pump/Basic Type

  • Basic Type
  • Precise peristaltic pumps have the functions of start/stop, direction, etc. suitable for continuous liquid transferring.

    Peristaltic Pump/Flow Rate Type

  • This kind of  peristaltic pump has all the  Basic functions, and add calibration function to acquire more accurate flow rates.

    Syringe Pump/Industries Syringe Pump

  • compact, high performance syringe pump designed for precision liquid handling operations. It is fully programmable and can operate as a standalone module.

    Gear Pump/Basic Gear Pump

  • With the functions of speed display, start/stop and prime functions. Suitable for continuous liquid transferring.

    Gear Pump/Dispensing Gear Pump

  • With all the functions of basic gear pump and have more functions. Suitable for high accurate liquid transferring and dispensing.