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    Peristaltic Pump/Basic Type

  • Basic Type
  • Precise peristaltic pumps have the functions of start/stop, direction, etc. suitable for continuous liquid transferring.

    Peristaltic Pump/Flow Rate Type

  • This kind of  peristaltic pump has all the  Basic functions, and add calibration function to acquire more accurate flow rates.


  • Two spring rollers, rotor assembly is fixed on motor shaft and occlusion is adjusted automatically through spring. Suitable for low speed and small flow rates transfer. It is ideal for OEM application.

    Syringe Pump/Industries Syringe Pump

  • compact, high performance syringe pump designed for precision liquid handling operations. It is fully programmable and can operate as a standalone module.

    Gear Pump/Basic Gear Pump

  • With the functions of speed display, start/stop and prime functions. Suitable for continuous liquid transferring.

    Gear Pump/Dispensing Gear Pump

  • With all the functions of basic gear pump and have more functions. Suitable for high accurate liquid transferring and dispensing.